I Am Raincrystal
[Daily Thoughts] Meditate

Meditation helps to reduce stress that can plague us through the day. With lower levels of stress and anxiety, the probability of heart disease diminishes significantly. 

[Daily Thoughts] Stay focused in the present moment

Feelings of regret or worry about a past event or worry and anxiety about an upcoming event are not only a waste of your precious life time, they also add stress to the body. 

Time for another edition of weekly updates… have been too busy to update lately…

[Daily Thoughts] Resist Food Cravings

Food cravings are due to a lack of true nutrients in the diet. Chocolate cravings are only your body’s way of crying out for magnesium.

[Daily Thoughts] Deal with your emotions. Do not stifle them.

The body has to store emotional energy somewhere. Face your feelings, express them healthfully, and whatever you do, stop stuffing them down into an oozing, black hole of ill health!

[Daily Thoughts] Exercise

Exercise is known to help you live a longer and healthier life. The body needs to stay in action and movement. Move it or lose it!

Hmmm interesting indeed…

[Daily Thoughts] Stimulate your mind.

A healthy physical body includes a sound and sharp mind. Keep challenging your mind to expand, grow, learn, experience, decipher, and explore. Use it or lose it! 

This happened yesterday. Metro Manila is still under Yellow Rainfall warning. So glad the heavy rain has stopped but it still happens intermittently but that’s enough to let the floods subside. 

Weekly Science Report… time to read up… #interesting